Our Staff  

Rain Rezendes, Manager

I'm excited to be a part of an eco-conscious small business that handcrafts non-toxic products out of sustainable fibers right here in Portland. I learned about Cotton Cloud in 2007 and joined the team as a sales associate which later evolved into management. I received a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan University in Family and Consumer Sciences with a focus on Human Ecology.

This education along with growing up on a small farm helped me understand the direct connection between natural and organic food/materials to our health. This concept carries on into my work as I take into consideration energy consumption, recycling, using renewable & natural materials and keeping the chemical treatments typically used in the bedding industry out of Cotton Cloud products.

Spare time activities include marking art out of recycled/reclaimed materials and other crafty projects. :) I love tending to my organic fruit and vegetable garden, cooking/baking delicious things and hiking in this beautiful city with my dogs.

Cory Palaske, Assistant Manager

Cory -
Is A native Oregonian.
Is also a Part time student at P.C.C.
Loves to read mysteries, comedy, horror and science fiction.
Always finds time to drink local micro brews.
Does not like so called reality T.V.
Is one of the many Portland bicyclists who share the road.
Thinks that a well made sandwich is the perfect meal.
(Actually, even a poorly made sandwich is pretty good.)
Has traveled to Europe, Central America, across America and
also willingly gone to Canada twice.
Takes photos and draws when he has free time.
will at some point say something funny.

DeAna Agresto

Hello World! My name is DeAna. I grew up in New Jersey and traveled to Southern California to study photography. I fell in love with Portland on a road trip from Cali to the Gorge. I made my decision to move to Oregon and six years later here I am.

I enjoy music, art, fun and food. I also drink much too much coffee. I paint, sew, take photos, read or write in my spare time. I am a published poet and a hippie at heart. You will frequently catch me wearing peace signs.

I am excited to now be working for a business that cares about the environment as much as I do.

Sossity Chiricuzio

I'm an Arizona native who is oh so grateful to have transplanted myself to Portland 10 years ago – the weather, the people, the politics, the many diverse communities, the resources and the Eco-consciousness are just a few of the reasons why. Being an activist and a grassroots event producer has clashed with jobs I've had in the past, but working at Cotton Cloud is a great match – we both produce and supply quality products that are ethical and make a difference in the quality of life for our customers.

Helping a parent find an all natural bed for their child, or a couple striving to make ends meet find a futon that is in their budget without compromising on comfort or materials truly makes me happy. I also love how involved we are with local communities – everything from donating to shelters and local events, to networking with recycling centers and charities to keep used furniture out of the landfills. When not helping customers at the shop, I do website/online networking consultation, graphic design, clothing re-design, write, garden, dance, perform and spend time with my amazing community of family and friends, and my sweet beau.

Christopher Mack

Hail to all of you beautiful Eco-conscious people of Portland! My name is Christopher but you can call me Mack for short. I moved to Stump town from Los Angeles but don't hold that against me – I was raised in the Rogue Valley so you can consider me a fellow Oregonian. I am excited to be working for Cotton Cloud and proud to be peddling a truly Eco-friendly product! Even as elementary student I understood that the resources of our beautiful planet are not infinite; I have always tried to educate – and learn from- those around me about making our world a safe, non-toxic, self-sustaining paradise.

My interests outside of the store include hiking, camping, music and art. By education and training I am an illustrator, currently working on my first contracted graphic novel. I live in the southeast with an indoor garden of over 75 houseplants and a saber-toothed kitten, Fiona.

Judy Navaroli

I'm an east coast native from North Carolina. I relocated to Portland 4 years ago with my husband Jay. I enjoy all Portland has to offer but most of all the people. I moved to Portland because I wanted to thrive around like minded people, who are eco-friendly, helpful and eccentric. I like watching movies, cooking and creating wall art out of junk. I'm a junky for junk. I should be, I like to restore and reuse. A teaching from my mother and grand mother.

My second passion is cooking. Due to health issues I turned to a plant based diet and soon found that you are truly what you eat. I also wrote my first cookbook Red Neck Vegan in North Carolina and I'm excited about the release of Red Neck Vegan volume II.

I've been in furniture and home d้cor sales for over 15 years and find helping people gives me great joy. I'm very excited to be a part of Cotton Cloud. I look forward to educating customers on safe and reusable products for themselves and their families. Creating a safe haven for their home while reusing and recycling products instead of filling land fields.