We consider ourselves sleep experts and our goal is to help you find the right mattress. While we take a holistic approach when helping you, your sleep position is one of the most important factors. We can show you all of the different mattress types, the materials that they are made of, and how to properly test a mattress to help determine if it's the right fit for your sleep style. This guide was put together based on years of feedback from our customers and employees who sleep on our mattresses. We recognize that no one mattress is perfect for every type of sleeping position, even preferences among people with the same sleep style can vary considerably and can change over the years.

Side Sleeper: This is the most common sleep position and to sleep comfortably, the mattress needs to be soft enough to relieve pressure points and conform to your body. This will help take the pressure off your hips and shoulders while keeping your spine aligned. Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm can restrict blood flow to the arm and hand that you are lying on and causes your shoulders and hips to buckle inward, forcing your spine into an unnatural position. If you regularly wake up with neck, shoulder or hip pain, this may be a sign to either modify your sleep position or try a new pillow or mattress.

The Trillium Natural Latex Mattress is the top pick for side sleepers since the top 2” of the mattress is a soft density latex that gently conforms to the body, thereby providing greater pressure relief. This leads to improved circulation and blood flow avoiding that annoying pins and needles feeling that occurs when nerves are pinched. The base of this mattress is a medium/firm density of latex and provides a nice mix of softness and support, also making it a good option for those who switch between sleeping on their side and on their back. Latex is also loved for it's durability, hypoallergenic qualities and because it's breathable and doesn't hold body heat like memory foam.

The Sublime Mattress is specifically designed for side sleepers who prefer the feeling of sleeping “in” and not “on” their beds. This feeling is subtle when you first relax into the wool and organic cotton, and the latex core provides buoyancy that prevents you from feeling as if you are sinking. The mattress is wrapped with wool which helps to regulate your body temperature and studies have shown that people who sleep on wool sleep longer, have a lower heart rate, and an increase in therapeutic REM sleep.

Also worthy of consideration: the Pearl Mattress is one of our best sellers for side sleepers and offers an affordable option. This futon is made with cotton batting sandwiched between sheets of solid CertiPUR-US® Foam and wrapped in wool which produces an ideal balance of support, comfort and resiliency. The density of futon mattresses also eliminates motion transfer, so your partner is less likely to disturb your sleep with movement.

Back Sleeper: If you primarily sleep on your back, support for the lower back is crucial. Therefore, it’s best to avoid very firm mattresses since they have a tendency to not allow you to sink in and support the natural curve of the lumbar spine. At the same time, a mattress that is too soft may cause the body to sink too much causing the spine to dip and overextend the back muscles. A medium-firm mattress is a good choice as well as a supportive pillow that cradles the back of the neck such as the organic cotton pillow.

The Lily Natural Latex Mattress is a favorite for back sleepers because it provides the perfect amount of support and distributes body weight evenly. Latex mattresses also allow the cooling and continuous air flow between the body and the mattress, resulting in uninterrupted sleep and happier mornings.

The Hawthorne Mattress is the best value for back sleepers as it combines the right comfort and support for the back at an affordable price. Similar to the Pearl, this futon is made with cotton batting sandwiched between sheets of solid CertiPUR-US® Foam which provides an ideal balance of support and comfort. Back sleepers like this mattress because over time the cotton conforms to the curve of the spine and gets firmer as it compresses and forms to the body.

Stomach Sleeper: This sleeping style requires a mattress that keeps the body afloat and is not too firm. While this position is not highly recommended due to the misalignment of the neck that it causes, many stomach sleepers may suffer from lower back pain, which has prompted them to this sleeping position.

The Woolspring Mattress is the perfect combination of inner firmness, outer softness, and overall flexibility with the added comfort of wool. The heart of the Woolspring is made with layers of CertiPUR-US® Foam surrounded by Wellspring™ fiber batting. A fluffy layer of wool is the final layer, which enhances bodily warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Many people tend to gravitates to it and a large portion of  side sleepers end up purchasing it as well.

Combination Sleeper or Couples: Many people rotate sleep positions throughout the night and may have a partner who prefers a softer or firmer mattress. We have come up with the perfect solution.

The Sunflower Latex Mattress sells itself with the adjustable layers of different densities of latex. By unzipping the cover you can move around the layers of latex and make it softer or firmer. Our 100% natural latex is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and offers temperature control that far exceeds synthetic, blended or petroleum-based memory foams. The flexibility of this mattress appeals greatly to couples and to people who like to customize and change the feel as time goes on. All of our latex mattresses come with your choice of an organic cotton cover or a quilted wool/organic cotton cover. Although this mattress is a little more expensive than some of the other options, it is a great choice for people that want superior pressure relief and is designed to last 15-20 years.



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