Boca Convertible Futon Couch

Boca Convertible Futon Couch

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The Boca is a stylish convertible couch frame.  This Euro-style Convertible combines modern design with functionality. The patented double cushion design ensures maximum comfort for sitting and sleeping.   Easy to operate and features a safety convertible mechanism.

To adjust the arms, stand in front of the unit and lift the armrest to the desired position and secure in place by releasing to the sound of a click.

  To return to a flat position, lift armrest all the way up to the end, releasing the locking mechanism and carefully return to a flat position.
  To convert to the bed,  stand at the side and push the backrest all the way forward until a click is heard which unlocks the mechanism and carefully lay it   down to a flat position.

  To return to the couch position, lift the backrest upwards with each click sound until the desired lounge or couch position is reached.


Sofa: 79.5” L x 39.0” W x 37.4” H
Bed: 79.5” L x 49.2” W x 20.1” H

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