Local Love

Imagine your local economy is like a swimming pool with all the wealth of the area swimming around.

It swims from person to business to person in circular waves.

A person buys a new mattress from a local manufacturer and the local manufacturer hires employees. The employees buy groceries from a local farmer. The farmer also ranches sheep and the local mattress manufacturer buys the wool. The money circulates around and around in the pool.

But, there is a hole in the pool that the money seeps through anytime someone in the community purchases goods that are made out of the state or country or shops online.

How do we preserve our local economy and keep the pool full? Local manufacturing is key to a strong economy, but 90 percent of manufacturers are small and midsize companies that seldom have the resources to compete in a global economy. As a country, helping manufacturing thrive is one of the best investments we can make in our economy.

With so many companies outsourcing you may wonder what you can do to help. The solution is simple; shop at your local small businesses that manufacture their own goods and avoid the large box stores, chain restaurants and shopping with the large online retailers. Avoid the temptation of buying something cheaper from online retailers. They may be cheaper since they generally don't have the overhead of a brick and mortar store, but you may not receive the personalized customer service or be able to try out the product before buying and test the quality. It's important to remember that “overhead” equals the paying of rent, utilities and employee wages... which all contribute directly to the local economy. Not only will shopping locally help the economy and employ our friends and family, it is the most sustainable way to shop since there is little to no fuel expense necessary to ship or transport the goods.

As a natural mattress manufacturer, we have the competitive advantage of being a leading innovator. We can customize a mattress to your specifications and have the freedom to create a unique product and use feedback to improve existing products. We know exactly how the natural fibers that are used in our mattresses are processed and can ensure no chemicals are added. Because we purchase our raw materials and sell them directly from the factory, we can use much higher quality materials allowing us to sell the mattresses at a much lower price making our customers happy while building a strong economy.


M. Lopez Sr.

Date 9/30/2017

Do you or has your company ever sold or contracted to or with "THOR Motorcoach Corp. "RV" manufacturing company or have you sold them any mattress product? They have advertized your "Cotton Cloud" mattress as a selling factor in their brochures? We purchased an RV from them and the brochure clearly states that product! Please respond. 760 561-5957

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