Mindful Mattress Buying Class and Yoga in Bed

Posted by Cotton Cloud on 4/21/2017 to News

Join us Sunday May 28th for a free class with tips on mattress buying and yoga in bed.  With so much information to absorb the process of choosing a mattress can be mind-boggling.  That's why we created a class that breaks it down into 10 easy steps that will guide you through the entire experience.  It is an interactive course that will prepare and educate you on  what you need to know before beginning your mattress search. 
         The class begins with a mindful waking yoga series that will transform your day.  Before you even leave your bed, you will learn how to set an intention and gently prepare your body for movement. How we start each morning has the power to affect the entire rest of your day.   With a few simple, easy movements you will learn to stretch and breathe your way into a positive, uplifted mood.  Trust me it will be the only way to get out of that new cozy bed!     

Day- Sunday May 28th
Time- 10:30-11:30 AM

Come as you are or in your pjs, no need to RSVP

Teaching the Class

DeAna has been doing yoga for the past 20 years and studying Kundalini yoga and meditation for the past 3 years. She received her level one teacher training certification in June 2016 and teaches a weekly class in NE. DeAna believes that we can greatly improve our comfort and mobility in our bodies through simple stretches and breath work.

DeAna joined the Cotton Cloud team in the summer of 2012. Through hard work, dedication and superior customer service skills she worked her way up to manager and is one of our most knowledgeable and valuable team players. She understands how overwhelming a new bed purchase can be and guides customers through the buying experience with ease, humor and honesty. She is often told that she makes shopping fun and painless for her clients.

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