Sweet Dreams with 3 Benefits of Natural Latex Mattresses

Whenever you make a big purchase like a mattress, there are a lot of factors to take into account. Comfort, health concerns, price, lifestyle; it seems like the list just never ends!

Another consideration may be how environmentally friendly the mattress is. When it comes to what materials to choose, you should know that latex owners report some of the highest overall owner satisfaction rates and that they are completely biodegradable.

Just why is that? Well, for starters, Cotton Cloud’s natural latex mattresses are just that—Natural! The latex sap is safely tapped like maple syrup from rubber trees at pesticide-free plantations and no synthetic fillers are added. Latex mattresses do not release chemicals through off-gassing, which has been known to cause respiratory irritation, and natural latex is also NOT treated with chemical flame retardants such as PBDE, which could cause health problems for some users. Cotton Cloud can also special order a latex mattress made with GOLS certified organic dunlop latex sap.

Another great benefit of latex is how it can HELP your health. Hypo-Allergenic by nature, latex is dust mite resistant and inhospitable to bed bugs. And unlike memory foam, which can trap heat in the mattress, latex mattresses breathes very well, staying temperature neutral and helping regulate your body temperature.

And while memory foam may be the most well-known material for Pressure Relief, latex works equally as well—if not better! Cotton Cloud’s latex naturally conforms to the shape of your body, taking pressure off of your hip and shoulder.

Sounds pretty incredible, right? They're made in Portland and can easily be transported upstairs or around tight corners. Head in to Cotton Cloud today to learn more about these amazing mattresses!

Source:  http://portlandtribune.com/pt-adv-insiders/367903-250213-sweet-dreams-3-benefits-of-natural-latex-mattresses



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