At Cotton Cloud our customers mean the world to us, and so does their feedback. Here

are a few examples of what they have to say about working with us!

Your business has been so generous to me, I am humbled by your commitment to my satisfaction with my futon. I had called a week or so ago with a problem with my futon bought within the last year, and you took it back and made it beautiful and solid again. It even has a new cover over the old one! I feel like you went above and beyond what the ordinary business world would do, and I am so very grateful. I have bought 4 futons and two frames from you over the years, and I will happily be your customer for years to come. Many many blessings on your business, your staff and your kind heart.


Wonderful shopping experience. Great natural bedding products, excellent prices, and helpful staff. Our order of mattress and bed was handled from start to finish flawlessly. We are extremely satisfied and would recommend your store without reservation.

James M.

Absolutely great experience. I will be going to Yelp and letting folks know this is the place to find a quality Futon.

I wish I could remember our salesman - gentlemen had a stache/goatee and ended up delivering both items later that weekend as well. [edited to add: salesperson in question is named Cory.]

He was an EXCEPTIONAL salesman - left my wife and I alone to talk over the purchase and came back for further questions and clarification.

I would fully recommend this store to EVERYONE!

Kelly T.

I just wanted to give a shout out to DeAna for being so helpful with assisting me select a futon and then having to return said futon and helping me pick out a couch instead. The return was easy. The delivery guys were awesome as well. Showing me how to covert my couch into a bed and how to de-assemble it when needed.

Kim R.

My son had a new apartment but no bed, well, no furniture at all. I called last Friday, and the bed was able to be delivered yesterday, Saturday, with a frame off the shop floor. He’s all set now, and he said the mattress was "like a foot deep" (he got a #11), and the pillow is ‘hefty’. Thank you so much, especially to Mack.

Sarah M.

It's great to be able to write a review for a company that we've been shopping for 30-some years!  Bought our first furniture style futon in the 80s and now have 2-couch style and 2-bed futons.  Through the years Cotton Cloud has innovated but never lost the basics of a well-made futon with top quality materials.  Their professional staff has always been knowledgeable and helpful -- never pushy!  Quality materials, incredible product choices, and perfect service.  I'm not going anywhere else for another quarter-century, at least!

Doug P.

I purchased a Wellspring Supreme futon mattress and the Eureka futon frame, both full size, from Cotton Cloud. I was greatly satisfied with their level of customer service and honest interest in the needs and factors that affected my choice and decisions. Cotton Cloud's sincerity is a far cry from the volume madness of the "dealership" style mattress stores! Way to go Cotton Cloud!! Furthermore, after spending a month sleeping and lounging on the Wellspring, I can positively say that it is super comfy, adequately supportive, and a breeze to transform from bed, to lounger, to couch, and back to bed due to it's surprising lightness and flexibility! The Eureka frame's simplicity is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally easy to operate. I highly recommend Cotton Cloud without hesitation.

Lance G.

I purchased a wool topper and love it! It's 3 inches of deep gentleness, like sleeping in a milkweed pod. The price is competitive with other manufacturers, the service is good (I ordered a customized size); and the product is clean and lovely.

Jill R.

I decided to purchase my first (ever) new bed from Cotton Cloud and had an excellent experience. I was considering a futon bed mattress but after laying on a latex mattress in the store and hearing about the benefits from a salesperson, I went with a latex. The sales person helped me choose a degree of firmness (medium) and a basic platform bed frame. I was unsure about which wood color frame to go with, and she talked to me about matching to my existing furniture- we went with cherry. The mattress had to be special ordered and took about two weeks to arrive. I had the bed and frame delivered to my apartment in the NW Alphabet District, which was completely worth the price of the service because I live on the second floor and parking is a real bitch! The two young men were very friendly and quickly assembled the furniture. They explained not to drag the frame over carpet because the supporting legs (in the middle of the bed) can be easily damaged. They even moved the bed position twice to my preference.

This bed was a splurge but I am really pleased with its comfort. I have never had a platform style bed, and it took a bit of adjustment to sleeping low to the floor. I work ten hour shifts on my feet all day and this bed makes my back happy. I feel good about having a product that was bought locally and sourced naturally.

Colleen J.

I have always been satisfied with Cotton Cloud Futons. I bought an all natural latex bed and my back loves it. Recently I purchased natural pillows and may seem silly to some but my new pillows don't leave the sleepy lines on my face... and I love that! My sales lady was very knowledgeable & took the time I needed to make such a big, important purchase. Thanks Cotton Cloud... I think you're the best.

Connie M.

Frame finished up beautifully and putting it together was almost as easy (headboard was a scosh tight fitting). Looks great in room.

Futon is all that we expected.

Thank you so very much for your courteous and prompt service.


Just wanted to thank and compliment Bill for his time and professionalism on the phone. His patience, kindness and graciousness in walking me through all the different futon models was greatly appreciated. He went well beyond the usual customer service to help me find the perfect futon. It was a pleasure speaking with him and we can't wait to receive our products.

Thanks again for all your help!

Selena G.

Everything is great we are both happy with our own firmness and you did it at a fair price when no one in the industry wanted to deal with it. Great job!!

Thank you

Don R.

Yesterday my wife and I came in to check your futons out. Rain did an incredible job of helping us. In fact I believe no one could have done a better job. I just wanted to thank her and if she has a supervisor tell them about how wonderful she was!


Pat H.

I'm really impressed.

I went to Cotton Cloud because of it's reputation of many years in this community -- concerned environmentally, supportive of the local community, treats employees fairly (it's a small store and they have health insurance!), excellent quality, stands behind all their products, and an owner who is honest -- all things important to me when deciding where to put my money.

The store lived up to it's reputation.

I had an unusual futon situation with lots of criteria I needed met. I was listened to patiently, given lots of options, and all my many questions were answered in depth. The solution was shockingly elegant, effective AND inexpensive: my wool mattress topper is soft, warm and natural! I LOVE IT!


This is the second cotton + wool futon mattress we ordered from Cotton Cloud.

This time, we wanted a full mattress for our queen futon frame - except full mattresses are shorter than queens, so it would not reach arm to arm. We didn't want a queen however, because we felt it was too tall and blocked too much of the window the futon couch is in front of.

Cotton Cloud custom made the longer full futon for zero extra charge. And when we opted for one side wool to save money, they split the price evenly between the cotton deluxe and the cotton/wool deluxe.

All this without a hint of hassle. Felix and Bill were just as happy as can be to do this. And all this extra chat, explanation, problem solving - and all the extra time to make it didn't cost a penny more.

Now that is a business with integrity!

David L.