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Regardless of what type of mattress you are sleeping on, this thick wool mattress pad can improve your sleeping experience.  Featuring a Belgian lambswool fill of 300 grams per square meter (~10 oz/sq. yd) and encased top and bottom in a 100% cotton cover. 

Wool’s ability to absorb moisture provides a dry sleeping environment while keeping you warm or cool as the seasons change. Wool is also naturally dust mite resistant. However the ability to machine wash and dry this product improves its anti-allergy and sanitary nature. 100% cotton is used for the fitted skirting which is finished with an elastic draw for a long lasting fit. This product is shrink to fit in one or two washing cycles. These pads come in five sizes: Twin (39×75), Full (54×75), Queen (60×80), King (76×80) and Cal-King (72x84). 

Please Note: Our stock varies so be sure to call and check availability before ordering.

The Benefits of Wool Bedding 

Wool is resistant to mold, bacteria and mildew. 

Temperature Control: 
Wool wicks heat and moisture away from your body, keeping you cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather. 

Fire Retardant: 
Wool extinguishes itself when touched to a flame, making it a natural fire retardant. 

Dust Mite Repellant: 
Due to its moisture wicking properties, wool creates an arid environment that mites find inhospitable.

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