Tips on How To Care for your Futon Mattress

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Make sure you rotate and flip your new futon mattress often so it receives even compression.  All mattresses made with natural fibers such as cotton will compress and form a body impression perfect for your sleeping position over time.  Thicker futons with foam have a longer life span and will maintain their shape longer.

3 Benefits of Sleeping on Organic or Natural Bedding

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Why choose natural bedding over synthetic beds and bedding?  Read below!

Are you Familiar With The Portland Food Project?

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We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to donate non perishable food in your neighborhood that goes directly to your neighbors in need.  Stop by and place your donations in the green box near our front door at 701 NE Broadway.

The Sublime Mattress

Posted by on 11/9/2017
This futon mattress is a Cotton Cloud Futon original and a customer favorite. It is an extremely lush handcrafted futon designed to be used as a bed. Our meticulous attention to detail and the use of the highest quality materials available ensure this futon will provide a sleeping surface conducive to deep undisturbed sleep for years to come.

Portland Tribune Insider Article: Love your bed!

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In the Media: Star News - Everything You Need Can Be Found on NE Broadway

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The Northeast Broadway commercial corridor, which runs roughly from 33rd Avenue to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, serves as a friendly and bustling border between the Eliot, Irvington and Grant Park neighborhoods to the north and the Lloyd District and Sullivan’s Gulch neighborhoods to the south.

Choosing the Best Mattress Type According to Your Sleep Position

Posted by Cotton Cloud on 5/24/2017

Murphy Cabinet Bed for Small Spaces

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Murphy Cabinet Bed for Small Spaces
You're about to be amazed by this compact Murphy Bed Cabinet!  Perfect for studios, tiny houses or guest bedrooms.

Local Love

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Local Love
The Importance of Shopping Locally.

Why shop at Cotton Cloud Natural Beds and Furniture?

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Why shop at Cotton Cloud Natural Beds and Furniture?

We believe that there are many great things that set us apart from others and we are committed to offering natural, sustainable and organic mattresses and furniture to the Portland community and beyond.  Below are just a few of the reasons why you'll love shopping with us!

About Our Pacific Northwest Wool

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About Our Pacific Northwest Wool

Our manufacturing facility in NW Portland, Natural Felt, processes wool fiber into batting making it an ideal component of high quality natural bedding. We provide clean premium quality wool that is gorgeous, strong, durable and chemical free.