The Sublime is a futon style mattress originally created and designed by Cotton Cloud owner Terri Treat. Customer feedback and demand for an all natural futon mattress were Terri's inspiration. The result is a lush handcrafted 10" futon designed to be used as a bed. Meticulous attention to detail and high quality materials ensure this futon will provide a divine sleeping surface for many years to come.


Building from the center outward, the Sublime is anchored by a 3" core of 100% natural latex, which provides superior support as well as exceptional durability. The natural latex is then hand wrapped with certified organic cotton batting that we process locally to our exacting standards. Next, we add a plush surrounding layer of natural wool to complete the inner structure. Wool naturally enhances bodily warmth during the winter months and coolness in the summer. The Sublime's outer casing is an organic sateen cotton shell, expertly constructed by our team of in-house seamstresses. As a final touch, the mattresses are thread tufted in order to keep the component materials in place. We proudly handcraft this mattress in our production facility in NW Portland.

Natural Felt's production starts with one of our two WWII era industrial Garnett machines. These machines process all of our cotton and wool fibers into batting used not only in our futons and mattresses, but our pillows, toppers and comforters as well. These antique machines are truly mesmerising to watch while processing and carding the fiber.

All of our mattresses are made with sustainable materials and great care, and the Sublime is a one of a kind mattress loved by many of our fellow Portlandians. We are pleased to offer a mattress that's made locally, ideal for all body types, chemical free and a natural alternative to many of today's mass produced mattresses.

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