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In-Store Mask Policy

We STRONGLY urge you to wear a mask while in our store. We will no longer be requiring mask usage here at Cotton Cloud, however we highly recommend it. The COVID19 virus has now been classified as the most contagious virus humanity has EVER ENCOUNTERED. Please protect yourself and your loved ones accordingly.

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Cotton Cloud Futons was founded in 1981 by Terri Treat who was 17 years old at the time. Inspired by her parents to start on a journey that, many years later, is a thriving business still going stronger than ever. Her initial clients were her family and friends. Soon her neighbour, who was a wood worker, built Cotton Cloud’s first tri-fold frame. Terri started selling the frames and futons at Portland's Saturday Market and in those days, she delivered each mattress by herself, on the city bus!


Fast foward 40 years later, Cotton Cloud was already fully setup with a store of its own along NE Broadway street. Shortly after moving into this great new space, production was moved to a separate warehouse. The current expansive showroom has beautiful displays of bed frames, futons, natural mattresses, bedding, and more. The futons and many of the mattresses are hand-crafted in Portland, with an emphasis on natural materials and attention to detail.   The shopping experience remains unique where everyone who visits the store immediately feels at home and the associates are there to share their industry knowledge and are known for superior customer service.

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