So, you’ve just brought home your new futon or you're looking to redecorate your space? Stop by and let us help you pick out a cover that flows with your décor. Your cover can set the whole tone of your room, so take this unique opportunity to find the perfect futon cover for you.

Simply by changing your futon and pillow covers, your entire room’s décor can be revamped in just minutes! Looking for something with texture and summer color? We have hundreds of durable fabrics and prints to choose from, including organic cotton, silk, and hemp. From simple to sophisticated to fun (and perfect for kids!), there’s a cover style for everyone, and our swatches can be checked out so you can see how each pattern looks in your room.

While one cover is nice, it's recommended to get two covers to keep your futon protected on laundry day or to change them out with the seasons, or even just your mood. Most covers have a three-sided zipper for easy removal and range in price from $50 to $500.

We'll let you in on a little secret... if you have a smooth cover, use a non-slip rug pad and place it under your futon on the seat deck to prevent your futon from sliding down the frame.

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