Many people associate adjustable bed frames with aging or hospitals, however they are beneficial for just about every adult regardless of age or health. Do you drink coffee, watch tv or read in bed? Do you have a partner that snores or has acid reflux? Insomnia, osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis? Use a laptop or your phone in bed?

Imagine yourself in your new adjustable bed with the ability to sit up properly and reducing the strain on your back and neck while you type or read or enjoy a cup of tea. Many adjustable bed frames are split, allowing each person the flexibility to adjust it to their own specific needs. Imagine being able to help your partner by alleviating their reflux or snoring.

Of course, there are many reasons why they are the hospital's bed of choice. One of them being the ability to elevate the legs and feet for circulation and to keep the strain off the lower back. Many adjustable frames have a “Zero G” setting which automatically puts you into a position with your legs and head slightly raised that comes close to feeling like zero gravity.


Upgrade your sleep and upgrade your life. Many adjustable frames have USB ports and a massage feature which can help relax the body and lull you to sleep. The mattresses that are recommended for adjustable frames have to be flexible enough to move with the frame. Imagine sleeping on a natural futon or investing in an organic latex mattress which helps to alleviate pressure points allowing you to wake up feeling well rested!  Stop in to test out our newest adjustable bed frame!

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