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Cotton Cloud Futons

All Cotton Futon - 8" Loft

Please note: Displayed price may change once you select a size and delivery option.

This hand crafted all cotton futon contains natural fibers to that conforms to the body . It is not uncommon for a futon of this type to start out at a puffy soft 8" thick and compact down to a firm 6" over the course of 3-6 months of consistent use.  This particular futon was designed to be used primarily on a folding couch frame, however this can be used as a dedicated bed for the experienced futon user (unless you grew-up using this type of futon, our suggestion is to let us help you find another choice that will be more comfortable and longer lasting).

This listing is for a futon mattress only. Does not include frame, covers, or accessories.
Also available in organic cotton. Please call for pricing.

Because of the risk of mold or mildew, this type of mattress needs a breathable surface to rest on.  A slatted bed frame is ideal.  Solid surfaces or the floor are NOT appropriate places to keep it.  IF you need a suggestion for a frame let us know!  We will be happy to help you pick a bed frame to go along with your mattress. Regular flipping and rotating of the mattress is required for maintenance.


Options for receiving your mattress are local pickup, local delivery, and shipping. Please note, price will change depending on what delivery method you select.

Local Pickup- Pickup from our store location. No added fee for pickup.

Local Delivery-  Have your items delivered by More Than Freights, a third party delivery company to your address in the Portland, OR area. If you would like your items delivered, please select local pickup, then give us a call or email asking for delivery information. We will connect you directly to More Than Freights to set up your delivery. Please note, More Than Freights is a separate company and will charge a separate fee for delivery. Delivery fee has not been added to this listing. You are also welcome to hire a different delivery company for pickup. If that is the case, please inform us so we know who to release your items to.

Cotton Cloud

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Phone: (503) 335-0758


Shipping- Please select the shipping option for the appropriate mattress size. Price will change to reflect the price of the mattress and shipping combined. Price includes shipping to the 48 continental U.S. states only. We are able to ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada for an additional fee (please give us a call before purchasing, if interested). Items will be shipped through FedEx or UPS to your address with a signature required upon receipt. Multiple items will ship separately. We will email you a tracking number each time an items ships. Mattress will be vacuum sealed and in a box. Vacuum sealing will cause some wrinkling and compaction to the mattress.

Local Pickup/Shipping Option:

Futon mattresses come in all shapes and sizes, and we can even craft custom sizes for boats, RVs etc.  The most common sizes we sell are Twin, Full & Queen, standard mattress sizes. Below is a sampling of the standard sizes we carry and pictures showing them in action. As always If you have any questions or just need more info let us know, we are here to help!


We fill our futons with a set formula but because batches of cotton can vary and we make our futons by hand, they don't always start their life at perfect mattress dimensions. Usually a futon will begin up to three inches shorter than industry standard. As the fibers inside compact, they spread outward often causing a gain of 1-3 inches. This compaction process can take up to a year to accomplish.
A note on ordering: unfortunately we cannot stock everything in our catalog, most futons are made to order. This can take up to 2 weeks for your new futon or mattress to become available. If you need something right away, please call the store and ask us to check inventory before placing your order online. Otherwise, we will call you when your order is available for pick up.

Futon Mattresses - Choosing The Right Size

Size - Twin



Single and Twin size mattresses are the same. The same length as full size mattresses, they are ideal for tight spaces.


Size - Full



Full and Double size mattresses are the same. Full size futons are the most common size sold for use as a sofa.


Size - Queen



Queen size mattresses are most commonly sold for platform beds. They can also be used as a sofa on a bi-fold frame.



Size - 28" Chair



A 28" futon chair frame is narrower than a twin, and can be purchased with or without an ottoman.




Size - 39" Chair



39" futon chairs are the same width as a twin size and can be purchased with or without an ottoman


Size - Love Seat




54" love seats are the same width as a full size futon and can recline to create a 54"x75" sleeping surface.



Couch Frames - Choosing The Right Size

The type and level of use you anticipate for your futon will determine the type of frame to best suit your needs. Futon frames generally come in two broad varieties: folding frames and stationary platform beds.

Platform Bed Sizes

Single and Twin size mattresses are the same, and are usually used for kids' rooms or solitary sleepers. Full and Double size mattresses are the same. Double beds are only 15" wider than twins, which may not be adequate for 2 adults. Queen size mattresses are our most popular size for platform beds. The 60" width comfortably accommodates most adults.
This is the widest standard bed available, providing enough room for 2 large adults, plus the family dog! This is the longest standard bed available, making it ideal for taller people, and only 4 inches narrower than the King size.

Futon Covers - Choose The Right Size


In order to ensure you get a futon cover that fits your futon mattress, it is important that you measure your mattress correctly.

To accurately gauge the size of your futon mattress, measure all three dimensions. length, width, and height (height can also be referred to as loft or depth).

Measure the longest side (length) of the futon as accurately as you can from corner seam to corner seam. Then measure the width and height in the same manner.

Most of the covers Cotton Cloud Futons sells are designed to fit a 6" thick mattress. If your mattress is thicker or thinner than these measurements, let us know and we will have a cover custom made to fit it correctly.

Be as accurate as you can when measuring, the size of the futon may vary with age and usage. Use the standard sizes below to identify what size futon mattress you have.

If you need any help feel free to call us any time during store hours: Monday - Saturday 10-6:30, Sundays 12-5 PST



They can be used on a tri-fold frame, on a 39" chair, or on a platform bed.


Full and Double size mattresses are the same. They can be used on bi-fold, tri- fold frames or platform beds. Queen size mattresses are most commonly sold for platform beds. They can also be used as a sofa on a bi-fold frame, but the back of a queen size futon will stick up about 6" higher than a full size futon, which is sometimes awkward. They are also a bit more difficult to operate than full size mattresses. A queen size futon can also be used on a tri-fold frame to make an oversized chair.
A 39in futon chair frame is the same width as a twin. You can choose to have a 39x21 inch cushion made for the ottoman. 54in Futon love seats look like a minature sofas. A 54in futon frame is the same width as a Full. With the use of 54in loveseat built in ottoman a full size sleeping surface [54"x75"] can be achieved. You can choose to have a 54"x21" cushion made for the ottoman. An ideal choice when you want a comfortable oversize chair that also provides an extra full size bed, with out taking up very much space.

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